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The animation was good, everything about it was good. But I wouldn't consider this logo material. It's too long and drawn out for that sort of thing.


That was pretty slick. Unusually epic music for a not all that epic scene. but the battery thing was great.


right... so

while i could understand what they were saying...not exactly funny.

Animations were terrible, but clearly that wasn't point.

I also note that you can see the animation through the border.

It was also really dark the whole time,

Id have appreciated a skip function. Like, move from one rip to the other so you wouldn't have to sit through the clearly boring ones. Like the first one.

djstaz0ne responds:

i was gonna fix all that, but then i kind of just gave up after flash started freezing.

every time i tried to change something in this 1 flash, it froze for like 5 mins, so i just posted what i had..

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The soundtrack was straight outta FL presets and the controls were really hard for me, could just be me.

It's a good concept and the production is nice and smooth. so, gj kinda.

DiscipleOfFred responds:

Actually, I got the soundtrack from Laikros, not Flash.

why were there 60 air force ones?

Seriously, there is only one air force one ;p

A little more background coolness would have made it more entertaining, maybe some music to go with it.

Let the city get hit by a few missiles at least. or make difficulty levels so that there'd be a mode where that is acceptable and the hardest doesn't tolerate a hit.

and when it does get hit, make the city get damaged. fire, buildings fall, people running around. stuff like that.

i give it a 6

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very pendulum

thus very awesome

your reviews on my stuff make sense now

Lyrical and flowing, and other tracks contain similar writing plus excellent drum work. The stuff you've written on my things make sense to me now ;]

I like your chops.


I'm not much a fan of the arena trance dance stuff. But the reverb on your instruments is the coolest i've ever heard, for really ;D

the parts where the filters opened up near the begining and some parts in the middle sorta felt like the resonance was a little high. kinda ear popping. could just be my headphones tho. they're not always the most accurate ;]

I make music, I've tried flash myself and failed. So for now I'll stick to music. I really want to score video games as a career, so this place may be a good start methinks ;]

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